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The Israel-Switzerland & Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce acts as a liaison between representatives of companies and business corporations in Israel, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Chamber of Commerce serves as a platform for continuous development and advancement of commercial ties in favor of present and future business cooperation, through orchestrating commercial and parliamentary delegation visits, conducting business meetings and advancing joint ventures between companies.

The Israel-Switzerland & Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce incorporates most Israeli companies that maintain business ties with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and strives to strengthen further the economic and commercial cooperation between the countries. The Chamber of Commerce holds a close relationship with the Swiss Embassy and enjoys its full cooperation in matters of commerce.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce affords ongoing updates on business ventures between the countries and information about Swiss investors who seek business opportunities in Israel. It enables meetings with delegations of Swiss business persons, as well as access to the various services of the Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years, the Israel-Switzerland & Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce has expanded its activities and has added a growing number of corporations to its ranks. The extensive expertise it has acquired serves as testament to its tremendous success both in orchestrating joint ventures and advancing the business activities of its members.

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